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Top Dog

Title: Top Dog

Author: dracosexslave

Pairing: Harry/Draco

Rating: NC-17

Summary: It's their 6th year at Hogwarts, and ever since the school session began, Harry has been walking around like he's better than everyone else. Draco decides he's quite sick of the Harry Potter mania and decides to take down the boy-who-lived, in his own Slytherin style.

Warning: This story contains certain erotic elements which may not be appealing to all readers. Draco's character is very much out to debase and dephile Harry in every way, so be prepared. If you're not 18 or not up to any forms of rough play, kink, etc., you should walk away.

Also, if anyone out there is willing to do artwork for this or any of my "Photographic Proof" stories, please let me know. I would love to have some sexy art of the boys here or the Creevey's/Harry/Draco in my other fic. Creeveycest art for Chapter 4 of "Photographic Proof" would be especially appreciated, as there is no art available on the brothers at all. Thanks!!

Harry sat alone in the quite library silently nursing his aching hand while attempting to finish one of Snape's more brutal assignments: a foot-long essay on the differences in properties between healing potions (similar to Unicorn's blood) and healing elements, such as the bezoar.

The library had been slowly emptying as the night dragged on. It was now just before ten and Madam Pince was preparing to close up. She eyed Harry suspiciously from behind the librarian's counter. Madam Pince was nervous of any student who spent so much time in the library. She believed that, aside from that Granger girl, any of these students who spent late night hours with their heads in books could be up to no good. With a slight "ahem" she got Harry's attention.

"We're closing up soon. You need to be out before I can snuff out the lamps."

"Oh. Right. I'll just put these books back and be on my way. Sorry."

"Leave them. I'll take care of it," she said while her eyes scanned the room to be sure that no other students were lingering about. Her steeley gaze passed over the rows of books from the far west wall all the way back around to the nearest shelf on the east walls, in the restricted section. She turned her back on the room to lock up the small office behind her massive librarian's counter, and in that instant she missed a slight movement from behind one of the farther shelving units, hardly noticeable but certainly enough to trigger Madam Pince's radar, had she been looking.

Behind that particular shelving unit three sixth years lay, crouched behind the books, staring at Harry and watching Madam Pince.

"How are we gonna get at him with out old bug-eyes spottin' us," murmured Crabbe.

"Quiet," Draco said. "I've slipped a little something in her tea. She'll spend a nice night snoozing with her precious books."

"Haw haw! Good one, Draco," laughed Goyle.

"Ssss. Q.u.i.e.t."

From his vantage point behind the column of books, encyclopedias on magical creatures, Draco could clearly see Harry packing up his things and standing. With a quick glance to the librarian's desk, where he noticed Madam Pince sitting in her 360 degree swivel chair, head drooped against her chest, Draco was assured that they were now entirely alone with the famous scar-head.

"Let's go. Quietly." With that, Draco stepped out from behind the books and slowly made his way closer to Harry. The three Slytherines had removed their shoes so that they would not be heard clicking on the hardwood floors. Their sock-covered feet slid smoothly and noiselessly forward until the boys were just behind Harry. Draco, shoes in his left hand, reached into his robe and pulled out his wand with his right hand. He pointed it straight at Harry's back before making a sound to alert the Gryffindor.

"Harrum," Draco coughed and Harry, startled, spun around.

"Ma--," Harry began, but couldn't finish the name as Draco immediately interjected.

"IMMOBILUS!" A shimmering blue jet shot out of Draco's wand and hit Harry square in the chest. The boy lifted slightly off the ground, floating and unable to move. He was still conscious of all that was happening, he was able to move his eyes and look around the room, look at the boys in front of him, but he could not move his limbs or call for help.

"Grab his arms and follow me," commanded Draco and both of his goons stepped forward and clutched Harry at the elbow. They began to follow their leader, roughly dragging the floating Harry along with them as they made their way up the back stairway to the third floor.

"In here," Draco ordered. "And be quick about it, will you Goyle?"

Crabbe and Goyle brought the boy into a dimly lit room, about the size of a small bathroom, except there were no stalls or sinks. In fact, the only items in the room were two sets of chains dangling from the ceiling near the far wall.

Crabbe and Goyle exchanged a questioning look, but knew better than to ask anything of Draco.

"Now," Draco turned and grinned maliciously at Harry, fully aware that the Gryffindor savior could hear and comprehend everything that was going on. "Chain him up."

Harry's eyes bugged and he tried with all his might to struggle, to break free of the spell but Draco had applied it perfectly. Harry couldn't move a muscle.

Crabbe and Goyle brought Harry to the far wall, where the chains lay extended fully from ceiling to floor. They placed Harry against the wall and reached down to get the iron cuffs of the first set of chains. They placed and clasped the cuffs around Harry's wrists, then kneeled to clasp the cuffs of the other set of chains to Harry's ankles.

Draco, slipping out of his robe and putting it, along with his robe onto a small table which he had just conjured from thin air, stood, hands on hips, in front of Harry. Draco was wearing an emerald green button down shirt, sleeves rolled up to the elbows, and a pair of black dress slacks. The boy had placed his shoes beneath the magical table and stood still standing in his grey socks.

"Harry, Harry.. this is going to be so much fun," Draco sneered. "You've had your little gang of fans following you around school all year. I thought I might never get the chance to put you in your place. But you're nothing, Harry. You're just a worthless, muggle-loving, orphane. And I'm going to show you just what your purpose here is. What a real man and wizard does to little boys like you."

Crabbe and Goyle stood perplexed, always knowing Draco to be a bit dramatic, but never so impassioned.

"Push him to his knees then leave, Crabbe. Goyle. Now. And don't come back. I'll find you both tomorrow."

As Crabbe pushed down on Harry's shoulders, Goyle bent over to bend the boy's knees, positioning his legs for him as he was still under the Immobilus charm. When they had gotten him into place, the looked up at Draco for approval. With a nod, he sent them on their way. As the door shut behind them, Draco picked up his wand and placed a silencing charm on the door and then another charm to keep out intruders.

"Good. Now it's just the two of us. No witnesses, no little friends to get in the way. We'll see what you're really made of, Potter." With that, Draco's wand pointed at the kneeling hero and he mumbled something harsh. Suddenly, all of Harry's clothes began unweaving, and the unravelled strands of cloth began falling to the ground. Draco's wand pointed at the useless pile and said a vanishing spell. In seconds, Harry was completely naked, chained, and kneeling before Draco Malfoy.

"Now, Harry, this spell you're under is only going to last so long. I suppose I should make good use of it before it's gone," said Draco, while unbuttoning his shirt. Harry stared up in fear, unable to do anything else. He shivered in the cold and his knees were beginning to hurt, but he could do nothing about it. "We're going to play a little game," Draco continued as he slipped the shirt off his shoulders and onto the table, his pale, smooth skin shimmering in the light of the dim lanterns. "It's called," Draco says, while unzipping his fly and reaching in through the opening, clearly rubbing himself beneath the fabric, "whose your master?"

Then, Draco pulled his hand forward and with it came his long, thick, very hard cock. It jutted out from Draco's fly and pointed straight at Harry, as if Draco's cock were aware on its own of what was about to happen. Draco, lazily stroking the length of his seven inch snake, began stepping forward. He lifted his right foot and slid it up Harry's bare leg, then over to his naked crotch. He slid his foot beneath Harry's sack and lifted up hard, smashing Harry's balls painfully up against his groin.

Draco lowered his foot, still stroking his cock just inches from Harry's face. He lifted his right foot and hooked the big toe beneath the band on his left sock, pulling it down and tossing it aside, then repeating the process on his other foot until he stood barefoot in front of Harry, wearing only his black slacks. He raised his foot again and smashed it hard against Harry's dick which, in spite of himself, had been growing steadily and was now at it's full six and a half inches. Malfoy toed Harry's balls and lifted them up, using his foot to squash and roll them painfully against the base of Harry's shaft. He could see a tear rolling down Harry's cheeks, and this just made the Slytherin press harder.

A drop of precum had formed at the tip of Harry's cock and with one good shake, it fell and landed on the side of Draco's foot.

"You little slut," Draco snarled. "You good for nothing, worthless piece of dragon feces!" Draco smacked Harry across the face and then raised his foot to Harry's mouth. "Clean it off, you filthy traitor."

Harry, unable to open his mouth even if he had wanted to lick his own pre-cum off of Draco Malfoy's foot, just kneeled there in silence, tears welling in his eyes as Draco pressed the arch of his foot against his own lips. "I said clean it up," he heard the boy scream, and then Malfoy was pressing his foot hard against Harry's lips so that they parted. Draco rubbed his foot back and forth and the wetness of Harry's lips cleaned the dallop of clear fluid right off.

"Good boy," snickered Harry. "Maybe you know what you're good for after all. Now.." and Draco stepped forward, cock still jutting from his pants. "Let's try that again, shall we?" He brought the tip of his cock, leaking it's own fluid, to Harry's lips. Draco gripped his shaft and guided it back and forth over Potter's ruby lips. He pressed forward so that just the tip was parting the kneeling Gryffindor's lips and Draco could feel the shudder run all the way through Potter's body and vibrate over his cock head.

"Look at how I leak, Potter. You're going to be worshipping this cock and all it has to offer, do you understand? We'll see you walking around Hogwarts with your head held high after I'm done with you, eh?" While saying this, Draco removed his cock from Harry's lips and began to rub it all over his face. Draco arched his back slightly so that his cock was at an angle, making it seem as if he was literally fucking Harry's face as he rubbed his cock back and forth over Potter's cheeks, eyes, nose, forehead. "You're going to be smelling my cock for days, boy," Draco laughed. Streaks of his own precum were now coating Harry's cheeks and chin.

Draco stepped back slightly and popped the button on his pants. With a slight sway of the hips, Draco's pants fell to the floor and he quickly kicked them aside, now standing naked and tall before the kneeling boy. "Savior of the wizarding world, Potter? If only they could see you now. Open up," Draco laughed harshly as he dug his two longest fingers into Harry's mouth and pried his jaw open wide. He stepped forward again and shoved his cock into Harry's mouth.

"Mm. You've got a pretty hot mouth, Potter. For a Gryffindor anyway. And now you know just what you were really born to do." Draco grabbed Harry's hair roughly and tugged back, forcing Harry's neck to tilt and his throat to open. Draco wasted no time forcing his long cock down Harry's throat, sliding it in and out. He rested his other hand on Harry's neck so he could feel his cock stretching Potter's throat to the limit.

"Feel that, Potter? My cock belongs down your throat. You get it now, don't you? You're nothing but a little slut. My slut, actually. And you'll call me master from now on. Go off and pretend you're the big man all you want, but you know you were meant for this. Service me, you little bitch," Draco snarled and spat on Harry's face as he continued to pound the kneeling boy's throat. He could see the tears streaking Harry's cheeks and this made him slam the boy's face even harder.

"So easy to break. Can't even release yourself from an Immobilus charm? Some hero. Just look at you, Potter. You're worthless." With that, Draco pulled his cock from Harry's mouth and again slapped it around his face, smearing Draco's cock juices and Harry's spit all over him.

"Now for the real fun." Draco began adjusting the chains. Harry could feel his arms being stretched and then he was lifted from the ground. His legs soon followed. Draco worked the chain for a few minutes until he had Harry suspended in mid-air, at waist level. Harry was tilted back, his arms stretched out behind his head and his legs held up and apart, almost in a perfect "V."

"Gods, Potter. I really do think you were just made for this. Look at you laying there all spread out for me. You want me to take you, don't you? You can admit it. Well, maybe you can't," Draco quipped, snidely.

Harry had been struggling against the charm all this time and with one last effort he finally broke it.


The outburst startled them both. Harry looked as if he wasn't sure it actually came out of his mouth, and Draco took a step back at the surprise. But it was too late.

"So you finally broke through, eh Potter? Took you long enough. I always knew you were a weak little nothing. Powerful wizard, my arse."

"Let me down, Malfoy. Now," said Harry, while struggling at the chains.

"Oh, no, no. That won't do. Besides, you want this. This is what you're made for, Harry. Don't you feel it?"

"Malfoy, if you don't.." but the rest of his sentence was cut off as Draco grabbed his wand and pointed it at Harry.


Harry kept trying to talk, scream, but no sound could be heard. He struggled against the chains but the iron clasps held him firmly in place, spread out and open for Draco Malfoy.

"Good boy. I'll keep that nasty little Immobilus charm off you now, Harry. After all, it's pointless now, isn't it? And I want to see you squirm." Draco stepped forward and, with a harsh slap to Harry's arse, he placed the head of his cock at Harry's hole.

Harry tried with all his might to scream, to break the chains, but it was no use. Draco grabbed his hips and without warning, lunged forward, impaling Harry painfully and suddenly onto his seven inches of Slytherin meat. Draco grinned evilly as he saw Harry's head fly back and his mouth open in pain. He knew how bad this was hurting Potter, and he loved it. He could feel Potter's ass clenching and unclenching around his cock, trying to force him out.

"You're mine now, Potter. Look down and see."

Harry, eyes squeezed shut, tears pouring from beneath his eye lids shook and shaked his head 'no.'

"I said," continued Draco, while reaching up to grab onto the back of Harry's head and force it to look downward. "Look at us. Look at you, Potter. Look at what you've come to. This is how it was always going to be. Me taking you. Me fucking your little, worthless arse, Harry."

Harry's eyes opened in pain as Draco's hand clenched around the hair on the back of his head and pulled hard. He could see down the length of his sweaty body. See his legs pulled back and spread wide. See Draco Malfoy standing tall and commanding over him, between his legs, cock buried to the hilt inside his own aching asshole. He could see Draco's golden pubes smashed against the cheeks of his ass, against his dangling sack. He could see, with terror, his own rock hard cock jutting into the air.

"Excellent, Potter. Just keep being an obedient little boy like that and you might get rewarded," Draco sneered. "But for now," and without more words he pulled his cock completely from Harry's ass so that, with a pop, Harry's hole closed around nothing. Harry was hopeful that it was over until, just as suddenly as the first time, Draco released the grip on his hair, grabbed onto Harry's hips and slammed himself forward again, impaling the defeated Gryffindor once more onto his hard, pulsing, Slytherin cock.

"Gods, Potter," groaned Draco as he began thrusting his hips back and forth, his nails digging into Harry's hips, "I'd almost think you were a virgin. Draco laughed harshly as he saw Harry's shoulders slump, realizing that the boy-hero was, in fact, losing his virginity to his worst enemy.

"Oh, brilliant, Potter. That just makes this all the lovelier for me." Draco bent his knees slightly and begain thrusting upward, forcing himself deeper into Harry's arse. He dug the nails of his fingers so deeply into Harry's left hip that he broke the skin, tiny, miniscule droplets of Harry's blood formed on his fingertips. With his right hand, Draco began slapping Harry's smooth arse. He would pound his way forward, shoving his cock deep inside the weeping Gryffindor, then smack the boy's arse hard, causing him to clamp around Malfoy's cock.

"Beautiful, Potter. My little slut. You're going to know your place before long. And you're never going to leave it, are you?" Draco continued pounding Harry's hole, tearing it's virgin skin apart with his brutal, thick cock. He leaned down to bite at Harry's neck, leaving teeth marks and red-splotches where the veins had broken and bruised. He clamped his teeth on Harry's nipples, biting and twisting until they hardened, then tugging hard and scraping the sensitive skin with his sharp teeth.

"Worthless, Potter. You're nothing. You'll never be anything!" Draco continued, while arching his back and thrusting up harder, faster, deeper. "You should thank me," he panted, "for giving you something. You don't deserve it, Potter. You don't deserve this gift."

Harry's tears had now dried up. He was in so much pain, it was beyond tears. He clenched his hands into fists so tightly that he felt them going numb.

Draco pulled his left hand from Harry's hips and noticed the 5 small cuts of blood on the Gryffindor's hips where his fingertips had been. He looked at his own hand and saw that Harry's blood and blemished his skin.

"Fuck, Potter. Look at you! You're so weak! You're actually bleeding," Draco spat into Harry's face, leaning close and sliding his tongue mockingly over Harry's cheek. "Clean this filthy, muggle-loving blood from my fingertips, you little slut!" Draco raised his hand to Harry's face and forced his fingers inside his mouth. To his own amusement, he could feel Harry tonguing his fingers, licking the blood clean.

"Figured it out, have you? Good. It will be easier this way. Know your place and don't forget it, Potter."

Suddenly, Draco pulled his cock from Harry's tight, abused arse. He forced himself to relax, letting his cock wilt slightly as he leaned over to suck on Harry's neck, chest, shoulders. Leaving his mark all over Potter's body. When Draco's cock was at half-mast, he stood up again, standing between Harry's splayed legs, and pointed his sagging but lengthy boyhood at Harry. Harry looked down in bewilderment, not understanding what was happening until suddenly the tip of Draco's cock opened and a hot, forceful stream of piss sprayed out, hitting Harry smack in the face.

"Every top dog marks his bitch, Potter," snarled Draco. "And that's what you are, my bitch." Draco directed his flow over Harry's face, drenching his hair and being sure to allow plenty to pass over Harry's lips. He then tilted his cock down so the stream would wash over Harry's neck... chest... stomach and, finally, Harry's cock and balls.

"What a fucking dirty cunt you are, Potter. Just look at you. How can you live with yourself. Covered in my piss, and still hard as a rock. You're disgusting!" Draco's trail diminished and stopped, he began stroking his cock back to hardness, allowing the last drops of piss to coat his fingers. He reached up and forced his fingers into Harry's mouth, making the boy taste his bitter fluid.

Then, Draco's hard cock was back at Harry's hole and with a grunt, Draco began pounding Harry harder than ever. His cock sank so deep into the chained boy, he wasn't sure where the two of them separated. His cock was pistoning in and out of Harry's hole faster than he knew how to move. He could feel Harry's hole breaking down, turning to mush. Feel the resistance all but gone as, with a growl, Draco bit down on Harry's neck and started bucking hard, pouring his hot Sltyerhin cum into the painfully fucked Gryffindor.

"Now it's done. Now you're mine, Potter. One hundred...percent...MINE!" he emphasized each word with a grunt and thrust, as more of his cum spilled into the boy sprawled prone in mid-air beneath him.

Draco licked the blood on Harry's neck tenderly, almost as a dog would lick a wound, without regard for the other's pain, just tasting the salty, coppery crimson fluid that he caused break forth from the boy's neck. As Draco pulled back and out of Harry, he looked down to see Harry had come all over himself. The boy-who-lived was coated in the sweat and piss of his arch-enemy. He was bleeding and marked, and still he had cum all over his chest and stomach, a small drop still dangling from the tip of his cock.

Draco allowed the tiny dallop of Harry's cum to drop onto his finger, without touching Harry's dick. He lifted the finger to Harry's lips and spread it over them like lip gloss. "Good boy. You had better always cum like a little bitch when your master fucks you, Potter."

Draco backed up and grabbed his wand, pointing it at his cock and whispering a cleaning spell. He could see his cum and Harry's juices oozing form Potter's puckered, whimpering hole, but Draco decided to let the boy deal with that on his own. He flicked his wand at the chains and they lengthened again, dropping Harry to the ground.

"You don't deserve what I'm offering, you know. But you don't have a choice, either. Just be thankful you finally found your place. I could have let you wander around forever, never sure of what you were meant for."

He flicked his wand again and the Silencio charm was removed. "Thank me, Harry."

Harry stared up at Draco through hazy, tear-streaked eyes.

Draco, buttoning up his pants and slipping on his shirt looked down at the ruined boy again. "I said thank me. You owe me that much, at least. I mean I actually fucked you, Potter. I did you a favor, and you can't even thank me?" Draco walked over to the prone boy, rubbing his bare foot on the boy's cum and fluid stained stomach. He brought his toes to Harry's mouth.

"Clean it off and thank me. Now."

Harry finally submitted, parting his lips and snaking out his tongue, licking the juices from Draco's foot.

"And.." Draco waited.

"Thank you, sir," whispered Harry.

"For what, Potter?"

"Thank you... for putting me where I am meant to be. At your feet."

Draco smiled and donned his robe. He walked to the door and turned back just long enough to whisper "Finite Incantatum." With a soft woosh, the table and chains disappeared, and Harry lay on the ground completely alone and naked and, he realized, finally where he belonged.


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